Namaste India is an authentic Indian Restaurant in Norwich

Namaste Indian Restaurant







Namaste India Drinks List


Beer (non alcoholic)

Cobra (Indian ) £2.95
Becks (German) £2.95
Bavaria (Dutch) £2.45
Ginger Beer (Jamaican) £1.95

Cold drinks

Mango Lassi (sweet) £2.95
Salt Lassi £2.45
Banana Smoothie £3.95
Mango Smoothie £3.95
Juice (Mango or Orange or Guava) £2.45
Coke or Diet coke £1.80
Mineral Water bottle £1.45
Sparkling Mineral Water £1.45
Belvoir elder flower £1.95
Belvoir Lime& Lemongrass £1.95

Hot Drinks

Black Indian Tea £1.75
Authentic Indian Masala Chai £2.50

Black Coffee £1.75
Cardamom Coffee £2.50

Alcohol policy: We do not promote drinking alcohol at Namaste India. So, we do not serve any alcohol, but our customers are welcome to bring their own. Our corkage charges are £4.95 per bottle of wine, and £1.45 per beer/lager as corkage charge for that to control the drinking.